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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Re: My greetings

Re: My greetings

I am Mr. Oliver Bergmueller a retired Economic Operator
hospitalized for health reasons. I suffer from heart disease and
the results of some of my medical tests showed that my days on
earth are numbered, while I have in my Bank a sum of money of
Three million four hundred and twenty-five thousand. Euros.

Unfortunately, I have no family or children who will be able to
benefit from this money. I was advised by the Catholic bishop and
my spiritual guide to inherit it from a person whom I must choose
at random, who can put these funds to good use. Reason why I am
contacting you today by email given that I am under
hospitalization in order to live the rest of my life. You are
therefore the beneficiary of 3,425,000 EURO. I offer it to you
from the bottom of my heart, I just ask for prayers in return so
that my soul may rest in peace on the last day.

Please write to me by Email:
May the Lord God creator of heaven and earth hear your prayers,
Amen !!!

Warta Darul Aman