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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Barracuda Email Security Service Quarantine Notification

2  Inbound Quarantine Emails
From Date Subject Actions
7/29/2021 9:35:44 a.m.
7/29/2021 9:35:44 a.m. 
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Please do not forward this email. Forwarding this email will give the recipient access to all the emails in your Barracuda Email Security Service inbox.

About this email

This email was sent from Barracuda Essentials for Email Security because you or your administrator has requested that you be notified of your quarantined messages.


Confidentiality Notice: This E-mail (including attachments) is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2510-2521, is confidential and may be legally privileged. The information is solely for the use of the addressee named above. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution, or other use of the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this E-mail in error, please notify us by return E-mail and delete this message. Thank you for your cooperation.

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