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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Order Request

Dear Manufacturer,

My name is Jodee Mclean, I am the export Manager for G-Tech General Trading. Where we G-Tech General Trading is a Singapore based General Trading company that has grown into one of the most reputable direct distributors of wholesale products. We offer thousands of great items at our huge warehouse conveniently located near Great South Road. also Dedication and Desire to source better quality wholesale products for less than the competition has been our goal for over 14 years.This is to formally inform your company that we are diversifying into a new product line and we are interested in having a business relationship with your company, Please send us your company's price list and product Catalog as we are interested in placing a large volume of your product.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.  

Best Regards

Purchasing manager
G-tech General Trading
50 Temple St  |   Singapore 058595  |  +65 9478 7600

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