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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

My Beloved in Christ,

My beloved in Christ

Permit me to share with you, my desire to go into Godly business
partnership with you.I got your profound contact email from a
computerized data, following my fasting and praying effort searching
for a reliable and trustworthy person to assist me in this venture.
I'm Ms. Maureen Greaves, married to the late Alan Greaves (PhD) who
has worked with (Total SA) a French multinational integrated oil and
gas company and one of the five "super large" oil companies in the
world as an oil rig supplier to Africa since 17 years. before his
death on Christmas Day 2013. We were both devout born-again Christian
lay ministers and former social workers and my late husband, Alan
Greaves; was a church organist for 40 years before he was attacked and
hit with a pickaxes on his way to midnight mass at St. Savior's Church
in Sheffield. He died in the hospital three days later as you can
confirm this link as follows:

A year after he was murdered, the widow of organist Alan Graves played
... The widow of a Church organist who was fatally
injured on Christmas Eve last year played a leading role in an
emotional candlelit service at the point where he was attacked ...

When my late husband was alive, he deposited the amount of (15.5
million USD) with a bank in Cotonou Benin, where he last worked for 17
years as a drilling rig supplier (Total SA) in Africa. I'm getting in
touch with the latest report from myself. The doctor told me that I
had a few weeks to live due to heart and kidney failure. After knowing
my condition, I am seeking your concept and permission to introduce
you to the bank as my late husband of foreign investors to call up the
fund and use it to set up an orphanage for the poor and needy who
spread the word of God and strive to keep the house of God alive.

I will give you the full detailed documents of the Fund as soon as I
hear from you. Any delay in your reply gives me room to find another
good person for the same purpose.

I hope to receive your answer

Thank you and stay blessed in the Lord.

I remain your sister in lord.
Mrs. Maureen A. Greaves
(Evangelist of the Church Army).

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