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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

5 Reasons to Do Home Fitness Workouts Instead of Going to a Gym

Up until the last decade or so, going to a gym was almost a necessity for getting in great shape. But times change, and so do workout habits. The trend today is to do home fitness workouts instead of going to a gym, and there are many great reasons for doing that. Working out from home is becoming a hot new trend and if you want to save time, money and have a better chance of getting in shape, I suggest focusing on home fitness workouts instead of paying to go a gym every month.

Here are my top 5 reasons for working out from home instead of going to a gym:

It Saves Time - With home fitness workouts you never need to leave your house. Therefore you don't have to spend the time to drive to the gym, warm up, workout, cool down, then drive home. Not only that, but you don't have to wait for some roid-raged meathead to get done lifting bench pressing 600 lbs. ready to kill you because you're bothering him.

More Focus - I don't know about you, but personally I can't focus as well when I'm in a gym as compared to doing a home fitness workout. Not only do gyms usually play music that I don't particularly enjoy, but I always hated the feeling of other people staring at me while I was doing my workout. It makes me focus more on them watching me and not on actually lifting the weights.

You Save Money - Especially in today's world of high gas prices and ridiculous gym membership fees (plus "activation" fees even though there's really nothing to activate), home fitness workouts are becoming even better. Not only do you save on those membership fees, you also save the gas money it takes to drive there as well as the extra time out of your day (how much is your time worth?).

No intimidation - As mentioned earlier, it feels weird when you're lifting at a gym when other people are watching you do it. Unless you have the perfect body and actually want people to watch you, I'm sure you've felt the same way. And not only do other people watch you, but doesn't it feel kind of embarrassing to be lifting "normal person" weights when other people are in there lifting 2-3 times the weight you are?

More Variety - This one depends on what gym you go to and where it is. In most cases you can do most of the exercises in the gym that you'd do with a home fitness workout, but there are many outdoors exercises that you can't do when you're at a gym. Plus, if you're into bodyweight exercises - people look at you weird when you start doing them at the gym because most people at the gym don't do them so they assume you're weird because you do.

Home fitness workouts are becoming the biggest trend to ever hit the fitness industry - and with good reason. I highly suggest at least trying it out to see how you like it. Most equipment can be bought very cheap in the newspaper or from a friend/relative, and it saves you so much time and money you'll never look back to the gym.

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