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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Waiting for your response

Dear Sir,

Good day, please accept my apology for sending you this sensitive
information without per informing you.
This is due to the urgency of the information. I am contacting
you for an assistance that will
benefit you and my client. My name is Joseph Dabantu an attorney
to Fatima Khalid Al-Bashir, the wife of
former president of Sudan.

After the discovery of huge sum of money at the president
residence, Sudanese government started
confiscating valuable properties and financial documents
belonging to the family. I am contacting you to
assist the family to move the sum of Thirty-Five Million United
States Dollars Only (US$35,000,000.00)
deposited in a reliable bank abroad. Due to her public nature
hence I have been given the mandate to source
for a credible person.

This is the summary of her proposal:

[1] She wants these funds to be received and invested by a
reliable person / company whom she can front without
publicly disclosing his identity due to his public status.

[2] You will be entitled to 20% of the fund for your assistance
and an additional 10% on the return on
investment (ROI) in summery all that is required is your
willingness to receive and invest the fund under
profitable business or investment, which shall be decide later.
On your acceptance of this proposal, I shall
furnish you with full details of the transaction and the entire
deposit documents shall also be made available to you.
Please go through the weblink below to know more about what her
family is going through.

I am expecting to hear from you and will explain the details when
we confirm your agreement to assist.

Best Regards

Mr. Joseph Dabantu

Warta Darul Aman