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Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Hello Dear ,

I am Mr.Chheng Khun. 
and it is my wish to solicit your assistance in investment collaboration/partnership in your country. Meanwhile I have emailed you earlier but to no response from you.
In my first email,I mention about an abandoned sum of (Fourteen Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars) that belongs to a deceased customer here in my bank. 
I am ready to invest this fund with you in any sector such as manufacturing, agriculture, real estate, hotel business that can bring in good turnover at expected time
This will be of great benefit to both of us and I cannot achieve this without
your support.Therefore I need your cooperation to receive this fund after which you will be eligible for 50% of the total amount, while 50% will be mine.
I await your response so that we can proceed.Thanks.

Mr.Chheng Khun

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