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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Dear Sir,

Hello from Taichung, Taiwan! From your company web, we mentioned that you may be looking for a Taiwan supplier for bikes and accessories.

To give you a bit of a background, for many years, we've been personally involved in the sport of cycling and the cycling industry in Taiwan,
 we can proudly say we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market for bicycles, parts, fixed gear parts, and accessories. 
 And everyday, we strive to broaden the list of items available to our customers worldwide.

The core of our business is in designing and manufacturing original bikes for clients under their preferred brands. 
However, we also cooperate with many of the world's most recognized makes such as GIYO、GYES、U-POWER、FSA、ZEFAL、MAXXIS、CONTIENETAL、VITTORIA, etc.

We also can OEM some products for you.  

As Taiwan is the global manufacturing mecca of cycling, we have unique access to a wide scope of products.  
If there are any brands you are specifically interested in, please let us know and we can provide you with quotes on what you're looking for. 

At times certain factories/manufacturers will also have an overstock of items, which we typically offer on to our regular clientele at more competitive prices. 
If interested, we can include you on our notification list.

So, if you're looking for a reliable and well-priced supplier in this field, we believe you will be satisfied with our services.
Just let us know what you may need and we'll do our best to assist you!

Send E-mail now :


More story about our company……

Truly passionate regarding cycling, I decided to devote myself in this business.

My inner world is pleasant and confident when I was sitting on the cycling.

" My destination is not to make lots of wealth via the cycling; nevertheless, I want to influence the joy of everyone around me when riding the bike." Vic – The CEO of RISHON

In my teenager, I was fascinated of the bicycles. So I disciplined myself to take challenges and training.
From an amateur player to the professional player, by participating the countless downhill matches.
Finally, I was being selected as the national representative of Taiwan to win honor for my country.  

You never stand on the podium just because GOOD LUCK.

Cause of fate, I quitted the industrial engineer and starting the sales job in my expert domain cycling. I could come up with the solutions for the customer in an extremely efficient way based on my working experience and my profession.
RISHON also offers the OEM/ ODM service to you to fulfill your needs! There's one formula of success to obey which is never giving up and keeping hard-working.
I realize the sportsman spirit thoroughly in my business, so there's always room to improve. We never stand still; we never stay at our comfort zone!
We are positive a trustworthy partner for you and also being your reliable consultant expert.

RISHON always creates the triple-win situation among the manufacture, supplier and our customer because we always see our customer's problem just like our own.

RISHON = Professional + Customer Oriented + Proactive

We are diligent in participating the international cycle show, RISHON gives the 360∘perspective suggestions and the recommended purchase items to our oversea customer.
We also get connected with many famous manufactures and international counter partners due to my profession.
 RISHON is highly recognition by our customer is because our expertise and integrity.

We have more than one hundred suppliers among the world that are cooperating with us. I
n this consequence, RISHON has the ability to benefits you with the best margin accompanying the outstanding quality.
RISHON cares more than your thoughts! RISHON is far beyond customer expectation!
We are deeply convinced of that; because we treat every customer by heart.

The consumer behavior changes rapidly day by day thanks to the Smart Phone and the Internet. One of the main purchase decisions is CUSTOMIZATION.
The customer not only requests the latest product but also the most individually personal character. RISHON exceeds your expectation again!
RISHON is able to tailor-make your products.

No matter how smaller your orders are, you are always our customer! 

We are able to assist you to synthesize your driblet orders to achieve the best buy in price. Once our suppliers got out-of-season items to sale, we will notice you in the very same time.
Due to the complexity and the numerousness of the products that we offer, we hardly to offer you every single piece quotation.
So just send us the notice of your interest to RISHON, we will come up with the quotation for you as soon as possible.
You only need to contact us through a call or simply reply this email, we are eager to serve you already.
If there's further question, please let us know.

RISHON is your long-term trustworthy partner now and forever.
Thank you.

Best regards, 
Mego Chen    
Rishon International Co., Ltd.            
No.56-8, Ln. 126, Sec. 1, Xinan Rd.,  Wuri Dist., Taichung City 414, TAIWAN (R.O.C.)
Tel +886-4 2335 1985

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