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Saturday, November 7, 2015

RE: Your FanBox earnings: $2275.58 all-time ($5.22 on November 03)

Uwubare Victory
Your Success Coach


Uwubare Victory
  Hi kedahla.postb7,

From this revenue statement, I can tell you that your earnings could benefit from activating your network.

"Activating your network" means motivating people to help you increase your earnings (by bidding, buying and sharing your posts with their large networks).

Follow these 2 simple steps to activate your network:

Follow These Steps

I guarantee that by following the above 2 steps, you'll show up as a BFO at the top of your fans' homepages! That means they’ll visit your page – bid and share for YOU – massively accelerating YOUR earnings.

Summary: To increase your earnings, activate your network. You do that by "going green" with each BFO.

If any of this is confusing, ask me for help.

Uwubare Victory


From: Your daily revenue statement (
Subject: Your FanBox earnings: $2275.58 all-time ($5.22 on November 03)

On November 03 you earned $5.22 (Your FanBox homepage)

All-time revenues: $2,275.58
  Your Monthly Revenue

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8

To achieve these revenues, simply go green in  1 2 3


Below Average  

1 OPTIMIZE Your Account
  Your account is NOT
optimized for earning
  To accelerate your revenues,
optimize your account.

2 MAXIMIZE Your Network
 MAXIMIZE your network (0%)
    Build a Large Network (0%)
  Tip 1: Become a fan of more people
  Tip 2: Share, bid or buy from new people to add them to your network
    Activate Your Network (0%)
  Tip 1: From your homepage: repost, comment and like the best posts
  Tip 2: Click your BFOs to share their best posts and bid/buy from them

3 MONETIZE Your Network
 MONETIZE your network (0%)
    Earn by Posting (0%)
Tip 1:  Post Frequently (0%)
Tip 2:  Post Quality (0%)
    Earn by Selling (0%)
Tip 1:  Offer Many Items for Sale (0%)
Tip 2:  Sponsor Many Items (0%)



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