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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

RE: Your FanBox earnings: $2254.00 all-time ($5.22 on October 30)

Uwubare Victory
Your Success Coach


Uwubare Victory
  Hi kedahla.postb7,

In this revenue statement, I can see that you lost significant earnings yesterday because you didn’t post anything.

Are you overthinking this?

Let's make this easy for you: Here’s a photo – click the blue "Post" button (below) to not lose money today.

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Questions? Ask me anything.

Uwubare Victory


From: Your daily revenue statement (
Subject: Your FanBox earnings: $2254.00 all-time ($5.22 on October 30)

On October 30 you earned $5.22 (Your FanBox homepage)

All-time revenues: $2,254.00
  Your Monthly Revenue

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8

To achieve these revenues, simply go green in  1 2 3


Below Average  

1 OPTIMIZE Your Account
  Your account is NOT
optimized for earning
  To accelerate your revenues,
optimize your account.

2 MAXIMIZE Your Network
 MAXIMIZE your network (0%)
    Build a Large Network (0%)
  Tip 1: Become a fan of more people
  Tip 2: Share, bid or buy from new people to add them to your network
    Activate Your Network (0%)
  Tip 1: From your homepage: repost, comment and like the best posts
  Tip 2: Click your BFOs to share their best posts and bid/buy from them

3 MONETIZE Your Network
 MONETIZE your network (0%)
    Earn by Posting (0%)
Tip 1:  Post Frequently (0%)
Tip 2:  Post Quality (0%)
    Earn by Selling (0%)
Tip 1:  Offer Many Items for Sale (0%)
Tip 2:  Sponsor Many Items (0%)



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